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The Backer Brothers

From Left to Right: Tommy, Tendown/Geoff. Corndog/Davy, Mad Rabbit/Derrick

The brothers offer a combination of protection and extrication services. They are backed by the services of the Wilson Clinic run by Gina and Kenny Wilson. Subscribers to their service are on a referral basis only. They work for friends and the friends of friends. They offer three levels of service, Extraction is for simple pickups, Intervention is for combat pickups and Full Intervention/Medical is for complicated, combat pickups with injured parties involved. There is a subscription fee, and all expenses are chargeable.

GM's Notes

In their own words:
Mad Rabbit's Tale
Tendown's Version
Condog's Summary
Mad Rabbit's Summary

<<< A vindicator's whine can be one of the sweetest sounds when you're outgunned
and outnumbered. Just push the panic button, and hit the dirt>>> Duck

<<< Yeah, but If money's tight, pray they don't send Rabbit, their ammo expense doubles when he's around.>>> Eclipse


Tommy's been described as 'kind of cute in an Eddie Munster sort of way.' Don't let him fool you though, he's the group's Physicist and an excellent shot. Like most of his family, he's not quite what he seems.


Geoff's ex-military. He got his handle because of the fact that he was always only ten minutes away from your position. He, Davy and Derrick served together in the now defunct 'Ragin Angles'. His specialty is combat extratcion. If anybody can get you out of a tight spot, its Ten.


Davy and Geoff are 'twins.' More than any other members of the 'Backer Brother's operations' they know exactly what the other would do in any given situation. Davy served as a Comm-Rigger and combat specialist.

Mad Rabbit/Derrick

You never quite know where Derrick's coming from, but he's aptly named. Rabbit is unpredictable and mercurial. He's a sensitive soul that likes blowing things up. What can I say?

<<< The only reason folks call him Mad Rabbit, is cause they don't have the guts to call him 'Psycho Bunny' to his face.>>> Tommy.
<<< 'Cept you little brother. But don't forget... I can still Whoop yer ass...>>> Rabbit
<<<You could try, but, if you hit me, I'll tell mom!>>> Tommy

'Red' / Duck / The Duck / K. Wjowski

Her friends call her 'Red', her team knows her as Duck, Decker and 'Toy' maker to the stars. Duck's had an interesting life so far, but you'd never know it to look at her. One part pragmatist, one part Cynical-idealist, she has an interesting way of looking at things. She's almost always armed, and ready for almost anything life throws at her. He goal in life seems to be to take the ride as far as it goes.

Since retiring from the military, Duck has spent several years 'adventuring' not to gain money, but rather to 'real world test' her toys. She also runs a small security consulting firm with her partner and friend Tracker. She's loyal to a fault and that loyalty has gotten her into, and out of more trouble than anything else.

Duck's Equipement
Duck Ware

In her own words:
Duck's Take on the whole thing

<<<That girl has one mixed up totem... the stubbornness of Bear, the loyalty of Wolf, the common sense of Coyote, fortunately she also has the luck of Rabbit...>>>> Gran TwoBears

The Bone Shaker / Danny TwoBears / Bear

Danny TwoBears is a member of The Pueblo Force, Special Corps, more importantly, he's a member of the TwoBears Clan. Bear has the ability of being at the right place at the right time, or is it the wrong place at the right time, or the right place at the wrong time, well, you get the idea. Things have a tendancy to happen near or around Bear.

<<<Which should I take with me, the Predator II or the MP5?>>> Duck
<<< Duck, you're going out on a date...>>> Tracker
<<< Which goes better with my outfit?>>> Duck
<<< Its a date, food, music???..>>> Tracker
<<< TwoBears is picking me up in 15 minutes, will you help?>>> Duck
<<< Wait, you're going out with TwoBears, Danny? The Bone Shaker??.>>> Tracker
<<< Yearh, Bear>>> Duck
<<< Take both. And extra clips, don't forget your vest..>>> Tracker


Tracker's past is pretty much unknown by anybody other than Duck, and she only knows their history. Tracker is very quiet about his past, and Duck has had better sense than to ask. He is a combat Decker, specializing in infiltration decking. They met during one of the darkest times ever experienced by Voodoo and Black Paw, when Tracker's Best friend, Duck's mentor, Silly Wizzard was murdered. They formed a lasting friendship that has endured. They have also formed a team that is very hard to beat.

Tracker has worked with Duck so long that they know each other's moves iimplicitly. They also trust each other implicitly.

After retiring from the military, Tracker and Duck formed a security consulting team.


Eclipse has just started his third incarnation. Originally Christain Rodriguez, Eclipse started his carreer as a military sniper. He was young, but had a natural talent for the job. When he'd almost been killed while on assignment, Christain had been 'killed.'

Eclipse on the other hand was given a new identity, starting his second incarnation. James Woodrow, assassin. The pay had been good, but the people who tried to hire him... His last job as 'Eclipse the Assassin,' was to protect Geoffrey Wilson.

That led him to his most recent incarnation. A member of the Backer Brother Operations.

But sometimes, the past comes back when you least expect it:
Eclipse - Starting over