Black Out
A writing project based on the Blackout proposed in 'Brainscan'. Multiple authors telling intertwined stories. where the central character is a city in crisis
- Beginning - 1/22/02 - Last update - 4/09/02

Duck and Company
Follow the adventures of Duck, Tracker, and the Backer Brothers

The Long Sleep - by Marshall Costello
An ongoing serial in the vein of old pulp mysteries
Most recent update : - 01/28/01

Jess Miller
Follow the adventures of Seatle's motor medic - Jess Miller
 - Jess is back for Yet A(nother) Year in Seattle
Updating Daily


Lone Star Tales
The advenuters of  Lone Star officers:
   - Tischer - Computer Forensics
   - Harley - the Shapeshifting K9 officer

Other Fiction
One shot stories that defy categorization



Unless otherwise noted, the characters and places in these stories are the product of my own twisted mind and bear only marginal resemblance to real people living or dead... (except where noted) All fiction is copyrighted by me and now that that's out of the way... enjoy.

Exception Notes:

  • Tracker : Tracker is the creation of Gray Beaker
    (and used with his kind permission in exchange for a cameo appearance
    in at least one upcoming story.)
  • Lightning: Lightning is the creation of Sal Robertson
    (and she has a say in what Lighting is and what she would or wouldn't do.)
  • Wind: Wind is also the creation of Sal Robertson,
    (but I can take a lot more literary licences with him since he's really an NPC)
  • Equipment and situations created by FASA (obviously




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