Duckware comes in two main varieties, the stand alone system processes (run on the matrix) and the deck processes (wich run on the deck itself) You may find them useful, you'll always find them amusing... Duckware, available only from Willy the fixer. Call for details...

Welcome to our latest offerings... here's just a sample of the programs currently available...

System Processes (They do their thing...)

Rating Name Description
6 Labrador This one's a lot of fun, because you never know what it will find. Just like a Labrador retriever this construct goes after a target you specify, and, just like a retriever, it doesn't always bring back what you ask for.

<<< Sometimes, you find the most unexpected things...>>>

5-12 Decoy Decoy is a construct that once initialized and run on the serving system, will wander around and (hopefully) draw attention to it.

Please note: this construct will require customization. Ducks, Wolves and Pizza Deliverymen versions are no longer available.

5-12 Ghost Ghost is a process that watches over a preprogrammed construct, usually the process owner's. It records activity and should the construct it is watching terminate, it will report to a predetermined account.

<<<If you're dead, its always nice to let someone know...>>>

6 Lemming Lemming produces a series of small scurrying rodent-like constructs that swarm around a predetermined area. (Hopefully finding all the traps)

<<<nothing like a herd of small scurrying varmints to clear the way and make sure the water's clear of any nasty surprises>>>

8/10 Flea A simple tracking device, placed on other personas.

<<<deployment isn't easy, but once its in place... its a great thing to have handy.>>>

8 Ferret Not quite a retrieval program. This construct is designed to pick up types of files (parameter "bright-shinies) and move them around. It also includes an option to replace the missing file with a 'gift.'
7 Ferret II This version is more controlled and refined, there is no randomness here. The file is launched to retrieve 1 specific file and replace it with another.
(please note, it is difficult to hide a galumphing ferret, and the smaller the items in quesiton, the better. Size of construct = size of file plus ferret itself)
10 Roach This one is almost like Lemmings, but has a very definite purpose. Instead of swarming, it hides, then has babies. After a set period of time, they eat anything in sight.

<<<I'd *never* use this one, really. I'm not *that* vindictive, really, you trust me don't you???>>>

8 Pterodactyl This construct doesn't really *do* anything. It just makes a lot of noise and draws attention to itself.

Internal Processes (While you do yours)

8/11 Duck-Blind Detection Program - Looks for Hunters in the IC...
9 Duck-Blind II Hides the Duck inside another construct, so she can watch the hunters
2 I can't see you, so you can't see me... This evasion program doesn't work, and is meant more for fun than anything... its a great IC breaker at parties...

<<< Its a joke people, jeez...>>>

8/11 Migrate Evasion program.

<<<Duck's not here right now, can I take a message?>>>

15 Quack Analyze Program... This program analyzes security and IC with stunning accuracy.

<<<I really need to work on the error messages though. They aren't quite as descriptive as I'd like. Currently the warning messages are basically; "uh-oh";"awe, man!"; "Shit!" and "Mommy!" But I'm working on it.>>>

8/11 Funhouse Nothing is what it appears to be... This process will bend the images projected, much like a funhouse mirror.
8/11 Feathers This process generates numerous small constructs, leaving a trail of debris. Is mildly effective against tar babies, but at least it gives you a chance. Better watch out though, generation can eat-up cpu time, and diminish your persona rating... all things have a price, and not always the one you expect to pay up front...
9 Stainless Armor ...Nuff said?

<<<hanging tough is a lot easier in armor, but again... it has its costs... 'bout all you can do is hang tough...>>>

16 Reverse Assembler A very slow, but very good process... It takes about twice as long to run as the size of the object your analyzing, and you better have the memory for it, or don't even bother. As a matter of fact, there's very little else you can do while this one's running...

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