Shapcano's fiction page

Some of the best fiction available. The Lost Boys stories are an enjoyable read. And if that weren't enough, Shapcano supplies space for other writers and links as well.

Shap has also started working on some general Swords and Sorcery type tales

I'd also highly recommend Tat's work, which can be found on Shapcano's fiction page - it all starts with Cadilac Palace and its incredible!

And while I'm at it... Check out Nitro's "Two as One". It all starts with San - prologue and its addictive!

Winterhawk's Virtual Magespace

Another site with great characters and character interaction, everything from short stories to full blown Sagas.

Plainly stated, this site has some of the best fiction available and its free!!!

The Shadowrun Writer's Forum

A forum started by Shadowrat of Winterhawk's Virtual Magespace. A great place to interact with other Shadowrun Writers. - It's been a while since it's been updated but still an interesting place to visit.


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