Jess Miller


Long Dark Night - Jess
The story that started it all-- originally a character study for an online game.
Jess came to seattle to find her brothers, but found something more important... It all comes down to a heartbeat...

Year in Seattle - Jess
Follow Jess as she goes to Seattle searching for her missing brothers.
Finished 06/20/00

Seattle - day by day
Jess' year in Seattle is over, but it didn't end the way she planned. Now she's settling in and has decided to stay.
- Updated irregularly (currently on hold)

Another year in Seattle - 2060
After years of not keeping a journal -- Jess is back. Seattle and the Shadoworld will never be the same.

A Chrismas story.- With his wife caught in the Arcology shutdown, Marshal Jason Casey must face the reality of Deus
- Posted 12/25/00

Yet Another Year in Seattle - 2066
After a long hiatus, Jess' journal is back.  six years after Another Year in Seattle... a lot has changed but the more things change, the less you want to know, just ask Jess.
Starts 1/1/2010

Note: Jess also appears (briefly) in the Shutdown Project

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