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Jess's story continues It's been 10 years since Jess came to the Seattle looking for her brothers. Her life has had more ups and downs than a roller coaster, but she's managed to survive sometimes even thrive in a world of madness.

Introduction - M.T. Decker
Introduction - Jess

Current Week

Sunday - December 26, 2066 - A quiet peaceful evening
Monday - December 27, 2066 - Massage in a bottle
Tuesday - December 28, 2066 - Oompah Band
Wednesday - December 29, 2066 - Hover-smother mothering
Thursday - December 30, 2066 - Tanked
Friday - December 31, 2066 - The beginning in the ending
Saturday - January 1, 2067 - DC al fine


Week One - A Short Week
Week Two - The more things change
Week Three - The more they... come back to haunt you
Week Four - Coming back around
Week Five - Trouble is where you make it
Week Six - A week in the life
Week Seven - When the going gets wierd, the wierd get a cat
Week Eight - You can't prove what you don't know
Week Nine - It's not what you know that can hurt you, but who you know
Week Ten - Problems are easy, when they belong to someone else
Week Eleven - The best defense is a strong... ferret?
Week Twelve - The long and short of it
Week Thirteen - Skirting around the issue
Week Fourteen - Fools Rush In
Week Fifteen - When Plans Colide
Week Sixteen - Detour
Week Seveteen - Old Ways
Week Eighteen - Manipulation
Week Nineteen - Denial or Reality?
Week Twenty - Anniversary
Week Twenty One - The Coming Storm
Week Twenty Two - Getting to know the players
Week Twenty Three - Playing the percentages
Week Twenty Four - Rule of Law, or arms or numbers...
Week Twenty Five - A strong recovery
Week Twenty Six - Lessons in Perception
Week Twenty Seven - Use of Force
Week Twenty Eight - Normal is highly overrated
Week Twenty Nine - Legwork
Week Thirty - Heat Wave
Week Thirty One - Cleaning out the old
Week Thirty Two - Feasts better left avoided
Week Thirty Three - That which does not kill
Week Thirty Four - The enemy within isn't
Week Thirty Five - Be careful what you wish for
Week Thirty Six - Gathring forces
Week Thirty Seven - Cypher
Week Thirty Eight - The makings of a family
Week Thirty Nine - Research
Week Forty - The begining plan
Week Forty One - Project Identification
Week Forty Two - Visit historical Amazonia
Week Forty Three - Of Cats and Ferrets
Week Forty Four - To the rescue?
Week Forty Five - In the trenches
Week Forty Six - Being offensive
Week Forty Seven - Jess Miller and the cult of the fluffly bunny
Week Forty Eight - Giving Thanks
Week Forty Ninet - Settling into Seattle
Week Fifty - Will someone please find the fat lady...
Week Fifty-One - Ring of Fire
Week Fifty-two - Unwinding

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