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Main Fiction:- Duck and Company

Main stories now arranged in chronological order (of when they occurred). These stories center either on Duck and Co. or on the Backer Bros. (with some crossovers)

Ducking Responsibility
This story takes a long step back into Duck and Tracker's history to the events surrounding their first meeting.
Finished : - 06/13/99

Maiden Fair
This is the story of how Duck and Tracker met Minh. A short story (40 Pages)
Minh was cursed, stuck in a human body until she could find compassion for humans. She was miserable and things were only getting worse. Then she met Duck and Tracker...and things got a lot more interesting.
Uploaded : - 11/08/98

Mad Rabbit - Running on the edge of sanity
Derrick/Mad Rabbit goes through a serious crisis after Geoff is injured on a mission.

Happy Birthday, you're dead. - or a funnything happened to Geoff on his way to his birthday party...
Warning - This is a full blown story (with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one...)
Geoff's life is endangered when his father's will 'requests' his removal from the living. Its the Backer Brothers vs the Mays family. Joing the team are Eclipse assasin turned guardian and Joey Mays, Geoff's half brother.
Added 04/20/98

Duck and Tracker take to the road to find out who's been targeting them and their friends. A sinister group that keeps leaving them Black Roses.
Finished 10/11/98

Duck Day Afternoon
What happens when the biggest trouble magnet/maker in Memphis goes out for burgers. Memphis will never be the same again!
Posted - 06/22/01

A Death in the Family
"We've never lost a Wilson yet." - Its been the Wilson family motto for ages-- its seen them through some tough times. This is what happens when their luck runs out.
- Start - 06/01/01
Most recent update : - 09/04/01

A short (5 page) story. A shadowrunner is hired to kidnap a ten year old boy-- named Wilson TwoBears.
- Posted - 9/15/01


Alternate Reality - Duck & Co.

Sitting Duck
In Seattle for the opening of a new Playful Dragon- Duck, Tracker, Bear and Rabbit set the town on its ear.
Posted 06/22/00

In their own words: (fiction from the character's point of view)

Five different descriptions of how the 'History of the Backer Bros. and how they met Duck' (from 4 different people)

Mad Rabbit's Tale- In a Lucid Moment
Tendown's Version - Shadows and regrets
Condog's Summary - My momma didn't raise no idiots
Mad Rabbit's Summary - Click Wrrr...
Duck's take on the whole thing - When is a duck, not a duck?




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