Yet A(nother) Year In Seattle

Sunday November 28, 2066 - Roots

I guess the bright side is Alan is feeling better. He's still using a cane to get around but since he isn't getting any pity he's toned down the whining.

Matt is settling into parenthood and is a lot less panicked now when Edward starts to cry. He was going to name his son Andrew until Alan and I both pointed out that Andy hated his name and we all agreed using his middle name wouldn't be too hateful.

Matt's asked to say and I can't think of a better place to raise a kid, or a better bunch of people to raise them around.

It's another sore point with Alan. To him this is breaking up their 'team' but they haven't been a team in quite a while. Matt's tried talking to him about it but he's still in denial.

Like I said, having kids changes your perspective. It's all well and good to live a life of adventure and 'field research'-quite another to try and balance that with a family.

I think Nick and Philip are trying to help Matt put down roots, but lets face it, there are still a lot of people with grudges against him. If he settles down, it's got to be someplace fresh and safe.

Edward's been through enough for several life times. He deserves a break.

Monday November 29, 2066 - having a job

Well, considering the amount of time I've missed and my current 'situation, I was surprised that not only did I still have a job-I was expected to start doing it.

Of course… considering the amount of time I've missed and my current 'situation' they've decided my current 'job' is a) reviewing cases and gathering statistics and b) researching ways of expanding our client base. I am currently being listed as a 'consultant'

If things return to… well, I won't say 'normal' but how about 'what is expected' I'll be chief again once junior has made his appearance.

Here's hoping.

Tuesday November 30, 2066 - Trials and tabulations

The reports arrived today and I have to admit, I was looking forward to going through them. Anything was better than sitting around avoiding a sulking, recovering Alan.

Nathan and Tabs have headed back to the mainland to get some work done and it's time for me to do the same.

Wednesday December 1, 2066 - What has to be done.

You'd think with all the training an 'on the job experience' my brother has had he'd be able to keep out of trouble. Sadly when you thrive on conflict and there's none to be had all that training turns into new and interesting ways to get yourself in trouble.

I can deal with Alan picking fights with me and Matt is on his own when it comes to Alan… but when you start taking things out on people like Mom Walker, Trina and Jonathan well… let's just say he wasn't expecting me to ask… no… tell him to leave.

It was about time and the interesting thing was, I wasn't angry… just disappointed.

I think Matt was half tempted to go with him but as I've said, his priorities have changed.

Mom Walker told me I didn't have to do that, but after a moment I shrugged. "Yes I did."

Thursday December 2, 2066 - The perspective of an (almost) nine-year old

So, this morning I had to explain Alan's absence to Bri, and instead of objecting or any of the reactions I could imagine she instead told me that I should warn him that if he keeps that sour look on his face, it'll freeze like that and then how will he find a girl and make her nieces and nephews.

I'm not sure if I should revoke her reading privileges or encourage them.

Friday December 3, 2066 - Elixir of life

For the first time in a long time, I slept like a rock. Unfortunately I also woke up like a rock. That is to say: lethargic; thick headed; and only able to move by the intervention of a fulcrum.

The fulcrum came in the form of my husband, since I was lying on his arm and he needed to get up.

"Jess," he said. At least… I think he said. "I can't feel my arm…. A little help here?"

I believe my side of the conversation was something to the extent of the sound of granite sinking deeper into the mud.

A few hours later I got up and managed to find the coffee pot downstairs. I pretty much spent the rest of the day sipping from a thermos filled with the dark golden elixir of life.

Sadly the magic, sacred caffeine had been removed in consideration of Junior.

Saturday December 4, 2066 - Year end reports

You know you've been living on too much excitement and caffeine when a 'normal' day bores you to tears. I was almost to the point of tracking Alan down just for something to do. Fortunately sanity won out and I spent the day organizing the files, folders, records and recordings I'll be going through for my year end report.

Where did the year go?

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