Yet A(nother) Year In Seattle

Sunday October 17, 2066 - Rescue Mission

When things move they move quickly.

In the long run it's probably for the best. I put off writing in my journal in favor of spending as much time as I could with Case and the others.

Perpetrations were as chaotic as any rescue mission I'd ever been on and I realized that is exactly what this is. It is a rescue mission: for my nephew, for our freedom.

I stayed up and saw them off. In the end I gave up the strong front-it wasn't working anyway. They all know me and I'm a marshmallow when it comes to these things.

I wish them well, and I've asked Fr. Martin to light a candle for them since I'm not going anywhere for the time being.

Monday October 18, 2066 - Bored

If I thought I was bored before…

Okay, the boys haven't been back long enough for me to miss them, the others are usually gone during the day but as it is-Michael is picking Bri up, with at least three members of the Council Island Security Team, and I see her off in the morning and we spend time together when she gets home but… I miss my Husband.

I'm not sure how much of this I can take without work to keep me occupied.

Okay, enough of that, I'm getting depressed writing. There are things I can do, I just have to figure out what they are.

Tuesday October 19 2066 - Spa Day

My life has come down to a list of known and unknowns…

Known: Everyone reached Amazonia
Unknown: Where they are now
Known: Someone is targeting me and my family
Unknown: exactly who is doing the targetting
Known: I'm safe as long as I'm on the Island.
Known: Bri is safe on the island and at school
Known: Michael and the border guard won't let anything happen to Bri in between
Known: I'm going to go insane.

Trina and Mom Walker decided that me brooding over these things was bad enough that they had to intervene. I was treated to a 'spa day' on the island. Facials, mud baths, massage… the works.

I have to admit, usually when I take a mud bath it's because I've dumped my bike in the rain. This was much nicer but still weird. I think I prefer a regular bath. Trina said that next time I have to try chocolate.

Heck, the twins do that on a regular basis.

Hopefully I'll make it through without alienating my friends.

Wednesday October 20, 2066 - Animal mayhem

Okay, three days isn't really that much time to fall into a routine but… Michael and three members of the Council Island Security force have become Bri's transportation team and cat care service.

It lasted two and a half days before Schrödinger some how managed to stow away in their SUV and remain hidden until they picked Bri up in the afternoon. Looks like he's gotten bored too. Hopefully the boredom won't translate into more attempts to play with Puck.

I did have to laugh at the image of three very burly guards playing with Shrodie, but between his ability to get into almost anything (including a secure armored SUV) and Puck's ability to get out of any form of imprisonment… things are going to get interesting.

I wonder if I can get kicked off the Island.

Bri was quite pleased that the animals were all together where she could visit with them whenever she wants. Sometimes I wish my life were that straight forward.

Thursday October 21, 2066 - Microcosm

Well, I now know that everyone was somewhere near Cusco a few days ago, at least that's where Nathan's post card originated. It's so like him. He's not on a life or death mission, not my little brother. No, he's on vacation and hoping to meet a few awakened creatures while he's away.

I can only imagine what this is doing to Tabs, or worse Alan. At least Tabs has figured Nathan out enough to realize it's how he is and I think for the most part she accepts it.

Sometimes I think Puck and Shrodie are like Nathan and Alan. If they figure out their differences they'll be dangerous. Until that time they'll only be dangerous to each other.

Hopefully they'll keep from killing each other long enough to get this figured out.

Friday October 22, 2066 - Referee

If Nathan and Alan are Puck and Schrodie-then I pity whoever's taking my roll of keeping them from killing each other.

I can imagine Matt trying… or Case… maybe Jonathan, in full Thunderbird mode-with lots of flashes of lightning and electro shock therapy for all parties involved. That might actually work.

I really hope they're doing better than the Cat/Ferret dynamic I'm dealing with, I really do. I like my brothers, preferably alive.

Yes, I spent most of my day trying to keep the cat who can break into anything away from the varmint who can break out of anything. You'd think with the way those two fight they'd be working on staying away from each other not trying to occupy the same space.

Bri says they're just bored and while they don't really like each other, they don't dislike each other either. I'll believe it when I see it.

Saturday October 23, 2066 - A good sign?

All right… I've seen it. And I'm hoping it's a good sign.

Puck got out again today-not just out of his cage, but out, out. He had fun playing with the geese, though they might tell you otherwise and he was having a grand old time right before becoming the ferret speed bump.

Everything up to that point was normal, what brought him out of his nap was a very large, rather hungry looking eagle. One minute the eagle was carrying Puck away the next he had a rather large, very angry black cat launching himself into his flight path at full tilt.

It's hard to tell who was hurt the most, Puck, Schrödinger or the bird, but the end result was the bird going elsewhere for dinner and Schrödinger getting in a preening lick or two in before deciding that Puck not only smelled funny, he tasted funny.

The eagle looked forlorn, Schrödinger looked disgusted and Puck looked like he either wasn't sure what had happened or he was trying to find a way to do it again.

Copyright 2010 M.T. Decker

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