Yet A(nother) Year In Seattle

Sunday July 25, 2066 - Outlook cloudy with a chance of rain

The hot weather continues and I'm beginning to wonder if we moved to New Mexico and no one told me. Sunday brunch was kept light and cool: salads, veggies and watermelon.

I felt a bit… sloshy after dinner but we were all hydrated. I'm just hoping it'll last until the weather breaks, which according to the forecasters should be any time now.

I'm hoping they're right. There are only so many cold showers you can take in a day.

Monday July 26, 2066 - Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease

The good news - the heat wave was KO'd by a cold front. The bad news: it also KO'd the grid. It was shades of the black out all over again. Thankfully most of the damage done was above ground but there were moments during the day that things looked pretty bad.

Thankfully the storm did cool things off enough that we didn't need air conditioning. By evening rush most of the power had been restored, but there were still clean up issues and of course-with people able to go out, the domestic disputes were down but the fights were up, and where there are fights, there are medics.

No rest for the wicked I guess.

Tuesday July 27, 2066 - Feeling like we've missed something

Every watch a movie and you hit this point where the audience 'knows' what's going on, only your mind has caught something that tells you that's just what the writers wanted you to think?

That time when everyone is cheering and you're thinking 'but where's the hero?'

Today felt that way and I can't tell you why…I just know there's some sticking point, something we missed. Heck, we aren't even cheering right now. There's just that feeling like something is in the air… and we're running towards the end zone.

Wednesday July 28, 2066 - Tequila!

Part of me felt bad about the fact that I was mostly working behind the scenes during the heat wave (which meant working in a lot more air conditioning than my people had) but-I was actually working and I think I did a better job of keeping everyone cool and getting the misting tents out in time.

Measuring the success of our operations will have to wait until the data is in and tallied and I was looking forward to that when Jonathan showed up to take me home.

There was something in his bearing that told me mom had charged him with seeing me home safe-but I found out on the way home that Mario had done much they same.

They were waiting for me in the living room of the condo and if that hadn't clued me in, their expressions said it all. They'd finished the analysis of the ritual used on Andy and the presence of my blood meant something bad.

They had several courses of action they wanted to try, starting with something simple and straight forward all the way up to something that would have given me nightmares if it hadn't been for the liberal application of tequila that accompanied the ritual.

All I can say is, I'm glad tomorrow is my day off.

Thursday July 29, 2066 - Dr. Cat

I still don't know which is worse, a tequila hang-over or a magical one. Whichever caused it, it would seem that the best treatment is: plenty of fluids, rest in a nice dark room and a cat curled up on your shoulders.

At least that's what Schrödinger seemed to think and since I do feel a lot better this evening, I'll accept his opinion on the matter.

Friday July 30, 2066 - Plenty of nothing

You know, for a slow day where nothing seemed to happen… it sure went fast and I was totally drained by the time I get home.

I'm blaming it on the cat.

Saturday July 31, 2066 - Stepping away from the target.

It's strange when you've spent so long in the center ring of a collection of concentric circles that it feels strange when something isn't targeting you. Then again, maybe it's still targeting but it can't seem to get a fix on me.

I'm not sure if it was Mario and mom's work or that everything else has just settled down, if only for a little while. Either way it was strange not being the center of attention, actually it was refreshing.

I was about to sign off when a call came in and I spend the next four hours at the command center organizing a water rescue. It was a long day, but it was also very, very right.

It was once again good to be a medic. I hope the feeling lasts.

Copyright 2010 M.T. Decker

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