Yet A(nother) Year In Seattle

Sunday July 18, 2066 - Dinner Summit

Sunday dinners are good for many things. They let you reconnect with family, ground yourself and prepare for the week ahead, or in our case a chance to review our current situation and develop the week's attack plan.

Needless to say Case and I weren't the only ones who'd been researching things. It was an interesting meal to say the least…

"Will someone pass the rolls?"

"So what did you find?"

"You know most labs to put a signature strand in every vat grown object including blood."

"Could I have some more stuffing?"

You get the idea.

It feels good to be moving again.

Monday July 19, 2066 - Stone washed stone wall

Turn around may not be fair play, but it sure can be sweet. Today Lone Star presented a warrant to Knight Errant for their case files concerning one Andrew 'Optimum Crash' Miller. They were not happy about it, but the law is the law, and sometimes in this messed up world, it actually works for you.

They stipulated that I was not to see the contents of the files since it is an ongoing investigation and I am still a 'person of interest' in said case.

They kept their word, and even went as far as not showing the information to Case. They did however summarize the information and forward that to the Marshal's office to keep them apprised of the situation.

It was all very professional.

Of course since organizations outside of Ares are following up on the information, they're actually running background checks and financials on the corporation who'd hired Knight Errant.: a small indirect subsidiary of non other than Aztechnologies.

Anyone else smell a rat?

Tuesday July 20, 2066 - Cyborg rats

I forget sometimes how resourceful my family is. Philip has contacts I'd rather not think about. Jonathan usually settles for just standing in the background, but he and Case form a formidable team. Mom Walker knows her family's heart and let's face it, there's a reason she leads the lodge.

And Nathan? Nathan can be the good natured little brother to the point you forget just how devious he can be. I'm not sure what all he's worked out so far, he won't tell me until he's sure.

That said, I really need to do something to secure my journal. When I checked my pocket secretary this morning there was a simple message from him. Something to the tune of, "Yes, yes we do smell a rat, and it's a corp. funded, blood magic fueled, rotary cannon armed cyborg rat."

The cyborg bit might have been for dramatic effect but I don't think he's far off the mark.

Me? I filed reports and researched the timing. It seems that the clock has been reset, but so help me - they are not going to get the chance to use it to their advantage, whoever those cyborg rats belong to.

special thanks to Follower for the text message that greeted me this morning. Cyber rats indeed

Wednesday July 21, 2066 - Cyborg rat-trap

When life gives you corporation funded, blood magic fueled, rotary cannon armed cyborg rats, you have to build a better rat trap.

The downside of being a 'magical brick' is the fact that no only do I not understand the enemy-I really don't understand how to counteract them. Fortunately I have some of the most creative and devious minds on my side.

They've gone to a lot of trouble to work on this and that effort hasn't been lost on any of us… we're now working overtime to review everything that has happened from the beginning just in case we've missed something.

I'm doing my part which involves a lot more historical research than anything else-but we do what we can and hope it all comes together in time

Thursday July 22, 2066 - an apology

I'd love to say I didn't post last night because everything came to a head and it's all worked out and we all lived happily ever after.

The truth of the matter is… I was too tired to even thing about writing. I'll post more, later.

Sorry for the delay.

Friday July 23, 2066 - The heat is on.

We've hit a hot patch of weather which results in a lot more people not staying hydrated and or cool, which results in medics pushing themselves to the limit to get to them in time and me pushing myself to keep the medics hydrated and equipped with full camel packs and freshly frozen cool packs.

I have basically gone from their Chief to their mom. At least they stayed cool-ish and kinda hydrated.

To be honest, the effort has left me wanting to sit in front of the air conditioner and stay there until winter hits.

Saturday July 24, 2066 - Heat Woes.

The heat continues as does the efforts to support medics and police who are dealing with the heat related illnesses and arguments. Fortunately it's hot enough that most people are staying home, but that causes an increase in domestic disputes and it's not like EMS can stay in the air conditioning.

We're trying the best we can, and praying the weather will break before we do.

I knew I should have invested in that ice company.

Copyright 2010 M.T. Decker

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