Yet A(nother) Year In Seattle

Thursday December 30, 2066 - Tanked

It's the day before New Year's Eve and I'm not at work, I'm not planning out how to protect a city and I'm not curling up with my husband and a fruity drink. Needless to say I'm at odds.

What I am doing is lying in a bed at the hospital after spending the better part of the day in a sensory deprivation tank that provided as little stimulation for me and the tot. The tank provided shielding from magic which really seemed to do Jr. a world of good but I didn't even get muzak.

I finally got Case and Bri to go to the resort and check in but both of them wanted to fight me on it. I'm not sure who's outside my door but I know the family is cycling in and out to make sure I'm safe.

They say I should be allowed to go to the resort tomorrow but they want to keep us under observation for the night. If Jr. stays nice and normal fetus-like over night, they'll relent. If not, I'll be spending New Year's Eve in the hospital without all the fun of crashing my motorcycle to get there.

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