Yet A(nother) Year In Seattle

Tuesday December 28, 2066 - Oompah Band

The better part of the day was spent in lock-down. Ship's intercom wasn't working, neither was the matrix connection, the wireless or the satellite phone system. There was a very terse conversation revolving around Jonathan and or Michael using their gifts to find out what was going on and go searching for Philip astrally.

On the pro side, it wasn't as traceable or risky as leaving the room would have been. On the negative side was the fact that if the situation involved awakened anything odds are they'd know and even if they weren't there was a very good possibility that Jr. would.

We decided to chance it with several concessions.

Jonathan would be the one to go astral while Michael protected him, and worked to keep as much of their activities shielded. My part of the concessions involved floating in the overly large tub at the back of the suite with Trina monitoring me and Jr.

I could tell almost the moment Jonathan started to work. From the feel of things Jr. knew the moment he started. It was a good reminder as to why we were where we were.

I think we lasted maybe five minutes before Trina gave the signal to stop. I didn't know if it was enough for Jonathan to find Philip, but it was more than enough to cause Jr. to start giving polka lessons.

By the time I woke up Philip and Tahani were in the suite and things seemed to have gotten better but I was told to stay in bed and let Case do the worrying. I had to accept 'All is well now' as an answer, and for now it will do.

The Oompah Band has finally slowed and Jr. seems to be ready to sit down and just watch things for a while.

I'll write more once he settles down for his nap.

Copyright 2010 M.T. Decker

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