Black Out

10:00 PM Ė Hammer - Intervention

by Brooder

††††††††††† Hammer stood and watched the figure approach the gangers.The gangers didnít see the figure.They were in the wrong position to notice his stealthy approach.But from Hammerís vantage point, he could see that the man was going to get himself into trouble.

††††††††††† Hammer shifted the weight of his monosword so that it wasnít dragging his hip.He also made sure the MP-5 sling was loose enough that he could pull it out when needed.Finally, he shifted his grip on the hammer.His prized possession.Gained after battling several earth elementals, Hammer made sure that it was always with him.It was so commonplace, that it had earned him the nickname, Hammer, when he arrived in New York.

††††††††††† A shout grabbed Hammerís attention.The man had attempted to make a run for a bike that was located near a shot up car.Someone from the gang must have spotted him and shooting began.Luckily, the man had managed to duck into an alleyway, avoiding the bullets.

††††††††††† Beginning his decent to the street, Hammer planned a route to intercept the man from what he had seen on his walk into the city.If he was to help this man, he would have to catch up with him before the gang did.Such was the way of Modi.And so it was the way of Hammerís.

Copyright 2002 - Brooder

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