Black Out

9:42 - Brooder - Asking for it.

by Brooder

            Brooder walked down the street.  He felt a little bad for leaving Carlin sprawled on the couch.  It was his fault that Carlin had passed out from the drain of healing his wounds.  He couldn’t keep his defenses down long enough for Carlin to get a good heal going.  And now, he was about to put himself back into danger to get back a bike that a stranger had loaned him in good faith.

            Maybe this is a bad idea, Brooder thought to himself.  He could easily get himself killed, breaking a promise to Sandy and undoing what Jess and Carlin had done to save him the first time.  At least his arm was better.  It was still stiff and sore, but he could use it.  And with the shotgun he had ‘borrowed’ from Carlin, things would be a little better off for him if this went south.

            “Right,” Brooder said.  “Why not tempt fate a little more?”

            Brooder continued walking down the street.  He still have several more blocks to walk and the night wasn’t getting any younger.

Copyright 2002 - Brooder

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