Black Out

5:21pm - Jet Black and Crimson - Long Walk Home Part II


Mr. J was the first one down. Jazzing his reflexes Nate responded in kind but a micro second too late, his slug burrowing through the opposing sniper's forehead at supersonic speed. The parking lot instantly became a free for all. Argo pulled his smg while the other team produced thier own weapons. Crimson dived over Mr. J while furiously attempting casting motions. Argo, confidant in his body armor, stood his ground and proceeded to empty his magazine into the Buick, the other Johnson, and his bodyguards.

Nate brought the smartlink's dot to line up with one razorboy just as he brought up his own weapon.

Not this time.

The man never felt the slug enter his temple. Everything went quiet.

Keying his headset, he called "I've dealt with the sniper. Crimson, what's our status?"

"Mr. J's geeked. Looks like Argo took care of the others. Job's fragged. Whatd'ya say we get the hell out of here and let Doc wagon clean up? J's bracelets squealing nicely." Crimson replied sounding slightly out of breath.

"Roger that, I will be exiting in about a minute. Just got to pack up." Nate said as he began to place his rifle in its case. 45 seconds later he was heading out.

"Crap! The driver ain't dead and he's rigged. Argo, grab some cover you stupid trog!" Came Crimson's voice.

Nate picked up his pace and sprinted down the first floor stairs and towards the rear exit. Over the mike he heard the sound of Argo trading shots with something heavy.

Drawing a grenade from his jacket Nate neared the parking lot doors. He reached for the handle and was greeted by a loud roar outside. Throwing the doors wide he was met by a blast of heat, the din causing his auto dampers to cut in. Staggered by the blast, Nate fought to keep on his feet.

The light subsided and he was able to see the burning wreck of the buick on the far side of the team's van. In the firelight he could make out the prone unmoving form of Argo and pieces of the other team. Leaning against the work of modern art formerly known as a van, was Crimson. Nate hurried over to his friend. He glanced down at a growing dark wet spot on his friend's stomach.

Crimson looked up.

Through clenched teeth he sucked in a fresh breath."Light machinegun, just enought to get through my barrier. Had to use a hellblast to get the damn rigger.... ughh, the drain almost put me down."

"Can you get up? Lean on my shoulder and we'll see about getting to the jeep."

Nate said offering a hand to Crimson.

"Hey, did you... ouch dammit! Watch it!" Crimson yelped.

"Sorry, take it slow. we'll get there, and did I what?"

"Um, notice that there are no lights."

"Hey yeah, wonder how far that goes."

The two walked into the night.

Copyright 2002 - Falconcliff

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