Black Out

5:10pm - Jet Black and Crimson - Long Walk Home


Nate Connolly (aka Jet Black) sat overlooking an empty parking lot from the second story of an abandoned apartment in the barrens. Below him, a lone black van sat in the parking lot.

I hope Mr. J called this one right. A quick exchange, a short walk back to my jeep and off to get paid. No fuss, no muss, and no rough stuff. Hello... right on time.

From an alley across the lot rolled a late model Buick Park Avenue. Is stopped a few yards from the van as the rear doors opened. Nate's earphone chirped twice.

"Crimson here. Assenced the vehicle. Four inside, no magic support but at least two are heavily chromed. So far they fit the profile, we're going out now. Keep sharp."

"Copy that, nothing out of the ordinary here. Going on over-watch. Coded signals only from now on." Nate replied.

Nate swept over the lot once more sighting through his Walther 2100. Something caught his eye, movement from the alley diagonally from his own position. Switching to infra-red, he instantly marked the outline of someone lying prone atop a pile of used plastic shipping crates. He readjusted to low light and zoomed in on the target. Obviously he wasn't the only one on cover duty tonight.

Wonder what you're up to pal. Sit tight and we won't have any trouble. Nice spot you picked there. Out in the open and really stable. Ametuer.

Nate smiled to himself as he brought up his smart link. The blue dot centered on the figures forehead. Three quick clicks in his earpiece notified him that the meet was beginning. In the lot below two men left the Buick and made careful scans around the lot. From the van stepped Crimson and Mr. J's normal bodyguard, a overly chromed troll named Argo. Two clicks told Nate that Crimson had seen nothing out of the ordinary.

Both sets of escorts took flanking positions around the third occupant emerging from each vehicle.

5:17 PM

Both groups cautiously approached each other as the three dimly lit street lights flickered casting deep shadows over the lot. Nate gave the lights a casual glance and turned a calm eye back to the street. On the lot, however he noticed the other Johnson looking nervously around. The flickering passed and the negotiations went on. The minutes ticked by.

5:20 PM

Come on Mr. J. Wind this up... That guy is really starting to get hacked off about your price. Wait a second. What the hell? Oh Frag.....

From the darkness came the tell tale muzzle flash.

Copyright 2002 - Falconcliff

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