Black Out

10:05pm -Jackson

The recrimination stares me in the face as I look through the drone's eye at this old friend and the scars around his neck. I dont know if he remembers or not the last time I saw him, he was in post op recovery and pretty much out of it when I came in. I walked up and stood next to him, then I cried. I left after only a few minutes cause I couldn't stand it any longer, I had done it to him, it was all my fault. He had been my spotter, and I was the drone driver.

Odd things were happening this night. The entire grid had died, everyone on the team that was in town had come in, and now Breeze shows up. I guess I shouldn't really have been so surprised, he always did have a knack for locating me, but when I saw him come riding up in the drone's camera, I was in shock. Things have changed now for me as well since we parted ways, and not all of them have been for the better.

As he rode up towards the warehouse I deactivated the security systems and opened the garage door, then I wheeled over to meet him on my drone. When he climbed off his bike the look on his face was one of wonder and astonishment, then he ripped me up off the drone and squeezed me in a rib cracking bear hug.

"I guess by this greeting your not angry with me for what happened." I groaned as I felt the vertebrae pop in my spine. Then he set me down silently laughing and shaking his head. Then he pointed to my where my legs used to be.

"Yeah, chopper accident about a week after you got hit. I thought you never called cause you were angry, but you cant speak can you?" I said. To this he shook his head head and started to pantomime what had happened,at which point I stopped him.

"Hold on man, lets get everyone in here and tell this story only once.", I told him.

"Everyone?" he mouthed.

"Yeah," I replied, "I'm part of a whole team now, and I'm sure they will want to meet you." I yelled out to the team, "Hey guys, come here. I got an old friend of mine that I want you to all meet, and yes that means you also Diamond."

Copyright 2002 - craymondhunt aka Rajvik Donna

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