Black Out

5:04- Filght SeaNYC 311

by Whisper134

>>Cabin, Flight-SeaNYC 311

"Too bad we couldn't get a direct flight to Portland. It would have been so much easier..." The man said as the plane landed in SeaTac Airport.

"Yes well, you know the restrictions. From here we have to get on a smaller aircraft and make the last leg of the journey." The woman replied, then looked over at the sleeping figure next to her. A little annoyance played across her face. "I told her that this was not a long trip. I told her not to fall asleep..."

The little girl in that seat next to her, unconcernedly kept on sleeping

"Marla, it's not her fault. I had trouble keeping myself awake. And I would have fallen asleep, but for one thing."

Marla turned her head, her jet black hair whipping with the motion revealing her elven heritage, she raised an eyebrow, "And what was that one thing William?"

"Every time I glanced to the left there happened to be this angel sitting next to me...I didn't want to fall asleep for fear of missing a moment with her." William said, smiling.

"Right. Flattery just does not suit you...nor us. We're beyond flattery..."

"Well, I figger it's good to practice for our anniversery's..."

Both eyebrows shot up this time, "You...didn't forget?!"

"Right...I'm going to forget our anniversary...knowing that if I pissed you off you could fry me? I"m not stupid..." William said lightly.

"If I was able to get past your own spell defenses...not that I'd do that anyway. Then Sonja would be with out a father you know."

"The thought had occured to me as well...many times, and seriously as well."

"William...that life is over. We're retired. We have enough money, and you are consulting with various corporations. And with my father being a Noble, a lesser noble, but still a noble...and actually likeing you, a human, we really don't have to worry about anything for a while."

"Yes, I agree that WE'VE left that life behind...but we do have something to worry about. I mean there's always Angelo. I don't believe he'll give it up. My brother will be back to haunt it a hunch..."

Forestalling any response from Marla the Pilot came over the line, "Can I have your attention. We are about to land at Seattle Tacoma Airport. Please make sure your seats and trays are in the locked and upright position. And, please, enjoy your stay in the Seattle Metroplex, or wherever your final destination is. The Tower will be taking over for the landing in five minutes."

William and Marla sat there for a moment, Marla's right hand in Williams left. At the five minute mark the Pilot came back on, "At this time I need to ask that any laptop's, palm computer's or any other electronic device be shut off. These deices could interfere with the remote link with the Tower. Thank you."

From the back a little kid screamed, "No dad! I almost had the high score! FRAG IT!" A resounding slap then sounded through the plane.

William, shaking his head, "Now that had to hurt!"

"Yes, well he deserved it...sounded like he was four. He's lucky that My father hadn't been there to disipline him!"

"He'd not be able to sit for a week I'd say."

"William, I've felt my father's anger, only once, and that was enough. That child wouldn't be able to sit for a month...both because of the pain, and for that fact that my father wouldn't LET him sit."

"He is a tough disiplinarian. But then look how you..."

"William, remember I ran away. So, yes, my father had some to do with how I'd turned out, but I believe it was more Vulnet, and you that made me turn out the way I have."

"Untrue. You'd have turned out this way with or without me. I owe my life to you, not the other way around."

"Are you two talking about oweing lives again? Geez, you two are like high school sweethearts!" said a small voice to Marla's left.

William leaned forward a bit in his seat to look at their daughter, "Quiet you."


>>Cockpit, 0515pm

Pilot, over the direct link to the Tower, "SeaNYC 311: Hello SeaTac, ready for your assumption of control."

"Tower: good for you SeaNYC 311, we will assume landing procedures at the second marker."

"SeaNYC 311: Copy Tower. Second Marker in thirty seconds...We're at Second Marker."

"Tower: Roger SeaNYC 311, assuming control now. Remember procedure...don't fall asleep on us."

"SeaNYC 311: That won't ever pilot likes to relinquish control, especially during landing, Tower. I remain alert and ready to reassume control on a moment's notice."

"Good job, Pilot."



William, looking out the window, "Ya know...I don't remember Seattle lights flickering like that."

"What?" Marla leans across to look out the window as the lights stabilize. A confused expression runs across Marla's face, then she looks at William...or more accuretly notices where William is looking. Straight down her blouse. Far from being angry Marla smiles, "That was just an excuse, wasn't it?"

"....I'm sorry...wh-what'd ya say? Oh the lights? No, it was flickering a moment ago...but hey...I couldn't pass up THAT opportunity!"

"Will you two PLEEEZE get a room? Please?"

William and Marla looked at their daughter. "Marla...are you sure she's only five?"

"Yes, yes she is!" Marla stated as her birth flooded into her memories. Fighting back those painful/beautiful memories Marla glanced at Sonja in the astral. For the most part it was definately her daughter...but there was a weird over lay... "Prolly possesed by Kristen right now. This has her inflections in it."

"Yeah? Huh...I never knew Kristen had that power."

Sonja smiled, "The less you know. But no worries, as soon as we're ground bound I'll give her back. She's a fun kid!" Kristen said using Sonja's voice.

William pointed a scolding finger at Sonja/Kristen, "You and I will have to talk about this, Capisce?

Sonja/Kristen frowned, "AAAaawwwwww...but...." Suddenly a look of utter concentration comes over Sonja/Kristen's face, "Something's wrong...very wrong."

As the last word exited Sonja/Kristen's mouth the plane went into a sharp dive.

>>Cockpit - 520pm

As the plane descended at an angle that threatened to rip the wings off the Pilot was calling frantically over the Tower Link. "Tower...come in Tower. Frag this, Mick, I'm taking back control, and I'm going to need your help. As soon as I break the connection pull back HARD. And keep it steady. Having our wings rip off would NOT be a good thing..."

The pilot flipped the switch, and then he and the co-pilot pulled back as far as the stick allowed. Running through the Pilot's mind was some of the children he had seen coming onto the plane back in JFK, International. 'They will NOT die on my fragging watch! Me I don't give a shit...crash into a long as the cabin is okay...'

Slowly, ever so slowly, the plane's decent slowed...then stopped. "Okay...good job Mick, " the Pilot stated, breathing heavily. "We're horizontal again. Stan, run a diagnostic, concentrate on the wings' integrity."

"Right-o" the Navigator stated, flipping and pushing some switches and buttons. "Tower, this is SeaNYC 311, what the frag happened there?! Come in." The pilot paused, awaiting a response...none came. "Tower, come in." Static. "Tower?"

">.... -ower-.... -311 are you- .... -Come>...."

"Tower you're breaking up, come back."

">.....Catastrophic power failure->....-re you?"

"Well, we're alive. Other than that...Stan?"

"The right wing is not looking too good, but...I think we can land with it."

"Tower, we're going to circle around, clear a runway as one wing is possibly stressed."

">... -opy SeaNYC 311...Emergency vehicles on their way out...."

Copyright 2002 - Whisper134

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