Black Out

10:05- Spook - loose ends

by deckerM

Spook watched as Charles Kelly fidgeted with the radio and shook his head. How the man had ever made it this far was amazing. He'd been born into the family– there was no other reason the man was still breathing, let alone one of the local bosses.

Still, politics and family counted for something. It was the whole basis of their organization. But the bosses weren't going to risk themselves for the likes of Kelly. Family or not, the man was becoming a liability...

Spook froze as he heard another voice come on the radio– something about flying lessons. He looked at Kelly questioningly, but the man merely shrugged. It was obvious the man was nervous– as well he should be.

Spook tilted his head, and fell into report with the elemental he'd assigned to watch the ‘hit.' What he saw only confirmed that Kelly and his men were a bunch of second rate hoods, that the family was better off without.

"It would seem," he informed Kelly. "That your attack has been a complete failure."

Kelly shook his head. "No– they're just laying low... I know it..."

Spook bowed his head. "They were taken out by a shaman, and a mage... " His tone left no room for argument

Kelly bowed his head. "What do we do?"

"What we should have done from the start. Milo will be dealt with– discretely."


Spook gave him a completely unwholesome smile. "I will worry about that... I think your big concern should be how this will reflect on the family."

Kelly nodded. Obviously trying to work out damage control.

Spook's smile turned predatorial as he reached out, harnessing the power around him. He watched with morbid fascination as Charles Kelly's face grew pale, then blue. He could see the pain in the man's eyes as he pumped the energy through him. The spell was simple, and effective.

He watched as the former local boss crumpled to the floor. Spook calmly picked up his coat, tipped his had towards the fallen boss and smiled.

One less loose end to deal with.

Copyright 2002 - deckerM

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