9:30 PM Hammer's Disappointment -

by Brooder


One year. That is the amount of time it takes to travel from one end of the country to the other. One year. Working for food and transportation. One year. Walking when nothing else will do. One year. Then arrival at Seattle.

“This sucks,” said the figure looking over Seattle.

The truck driver looked at his Norwegian passenger. He found it funny that a foreigner should be so concerned about getting to Seattle, but not try every means to get there faster than he did. Funny that he was so excited to finally see the city, and all he could say ‘This sucks’.

“How’s that?” the truck driver said.

“How?” the passenger replied. “Simple. I have trained for my entire life for one moment. One thing is to bring my life to completion. The gods tell me that I will find it in Seattle. So I spent so much time getting here. What do I find when I arrive? Darkness. I had hoped to see the Seattle skyline shining. But no. Instead I see nothing but black buildings. Fires. If we get closer, I am sure we will see violence. I am disappointed.”

“Welcome to the UCAS pal,” the driver said sarcastically. “It’s our bread and water here.”

Easing the truck back onto the highway, the pair made their way deeper into the bowels of Seattle.

Copyright 2002 - R. James.

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