Black Out

9:15 - Whisper - SEATAC

by deckerM

Whisper cranked the engine– letting it catch, then sputter and finally die. He turned the switch a few more times just for good measure then climbed out of the car and popped the hood.

He could tell the hunters were starting to fidget. If their quarry didn't move soon–

He tensed as he felt the spirit move closer– then shook his head as he heard the radio communications– a common non-encrypted line. This changed things a little.

There were problems inherent in dealing with ‘pro's' that weren't all that pro. The fact that they were using an open channel to co-ordinated their efforts told him that he was dealing with people who didn't sweat the details– and that usually meant a lot more people would get hurt that necessary.

It also meant that it was harder for him to predict their movements. If they attacked openly and wantonly– there would be no way of convincing the protector that he wasn't part of it. That was one of the problems he'd encountered with the followers of the more protective totems– they were great when they were on your side– but if they didn't know you were on their side, you could be in a world of hurt.

Whisper knew better than to attack the hit team on his own. There were at least 6 of them to his one. The odds just weren't in it. No there had to be something he could do– he just wasn't sure what.

He moved the prop bar into place and began fiddling with various engine parts, all the while siphoning off ambient energy from the surrounding area. The evening was just getting interesting.

Copyright 2002 - M. T. Decker

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