Black Out

9:00 - Marshal Casey - SEATAC

by deckerM

Jonathan looked out the window and then back at Case as he paced the confines of the small office. "Try the other direction," he suggested.

Case looked up for a moment and then gave Jonathan an apologetic smile. "We just– should be doing something"

"We are doing something," Jonathan reminded him.

"We're playing clay pigeons."

"That is something..."

Case shook his head. "You know what I mean..."

Jonathan nodded. In the twenty years he had know Jayson Casey, he never known the man to stand still when something was going on. Now he was forced to wait– pretending to be protecting a witness that was already somewhere in Seattle. Meanwhile– the city had been plunged into chaos.

Worse, both their wives were in the middle of it. There was no doubt in Jonathan's mind that his wife, Trina would have headed back to the clinic as soon as trouble started and Jess– Jess was probably running back to back calls.

It was not an easy thing to deal with, but they all did. Trina was a doctor, Jess a medic... the only problem was in addition to law enforcement, Case was also a medic– and Jonathan himself was a healer. Still they all had their jobs to do and there was nothing to do but follow through and count on the others to do their job.

It didn't help that right now their job meant less and less as each hour passed.

Case looked out the window and then back at his partner. "Has there been any word from Javis and Matthers?"

Patrick looked up and gave Case a long suffering look. "Case– if I'd heard anything-- you would know-- we're in the same room...."

Case looked at Patrick for a moment and then nodded. "Sorry– just feels like something should have happened by now."

Jonathan nodded, then froze. Someone was searching the area– someone other than the targets they'd noted earlier. "Case, check the thermos.. I think we have another player...."

Case moved over to the equipment and turned on the thermographic sensor. It was running on battery now, and nowhere near as effective as it had been before the power outage– but it was enough. Another heat signature was in the parking lot.

Case looked at Jonathan. If the new arrival was a civilian, he could very well have walked into the middle of something he had no business being in. If he wasn't, then the opposition team was getting ready to move.

Jonathan's eyes narrowed slightly as he sensed the man's presence flit by the office and then fade back into the distance. "It would seem that our new friend is a mage..."

"Friend? You being figurative or literal?"

"Mostly figuratively– but if asked, I'd say he's not there for us."

"Counter hit? Some poor slob in the wrong place at the very wrong time?"

"My guess would be the latter," Jonathan agreed. "If anything ... I sensed respect... "

Case looked at Jonathan and chuckled. "Yeah well, your spirit's kinda showing..."

Jonathan paused and then realized that the thunderbird aspect of his totem was in full effect. "Well– I do tend to get a little protective where you're concerned... Jess would kill me if I let anything happen to you..."

Case shrugged. He'd have to agree with Jonathan on that. "Wonder how she's doing out there...."

Jonathan looked at Patrick, who sighed and pulled out his wallet and handed Jonathan a crisp bill.

Case watched them, his eyes narrowing all the time. "Very funny." With a sigh he began pacing again.

Copyright 2002 - M. T. Decker

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