Black Out

7:40 PM - Blackie and TwoGun Sam

by mrbagg

The trio made their way to the 7th street morgue. When they got to it, they could see the gangers regrouping for another assault on the place. Nobody put his hand out in a halt motion towards his companions and made his way to the group.

“Hello Seymour.” Nobody said as he kept walking towards them.

The metal-armed ganger’s blood ran cold as recognition came to him. The Hate that had driven this young man all his life soon reasserted itself as he spun around and faced the voice.

“The name is Raker to you, race traitor.” Seymour spat out.

“How the mighty have fallen.” said nobody shaking his head in disbelief.

“What are you talking about, Traitor?” Raker demanded.

“The Bloody Screamers are gonna make a move tonight” Nobody explained, “So instead of facing them, you are here terrorizing a clinic. From what I can see, not doing a very good job at it.”

“That dwarf is a magic man.” said one of the other gangers

Still shaking his head, “You think that wasting a halfer and his clinic will get you closer to getting this brand Seymour”, Nobody said as he rolled up his sleeve. “Think about it. The clinic also has back-up from me and my two friends back there.”

The gangers looked past Nobody to see the two figures standing there waiting for action.

“See that skinny one?” Nobody said to the gangers without turning around. “He’s also a magic man. The other one is carrying a number of pistols that I’m sure he knows how to use.”

Nobody looked straight into the eyes of Raker. “There is also me.”

Raker thought about this for a moment, if he failed here it definitely would look bad, although if he chose to leave to defend the turf against a true enemy, then this would be forgotten.

“You are right, race traitor.” Raker said through clenched teeth. “There will be another time for the halfer and you.” He turned to his fellow gangers . “Let’s go kick some Screamer ass!”

The gang went down the street whooping it up to psyche them up for battle. Only when they were out of sight did Nobody turn around and motioned for his two friends to join him.

The dwarf, who was still a bit wobbly from the possession drain, came out to meet the trio.

"Gracias, gracias señores," the dwarf said to them.

“Don’t thank us yet,” Nobody said; “Seymour will be looking for payback as soon as he can.”

“It probably won’t be tonight though.” Two-gun put in. “I have a feeling they will have their hands full with the Screamers.”

“We’ll just have to deal with that if and when it happens.” The dwarf said. “And thank you for not endangering my patients. Where are my manners I am Dr. Richard Sanchez, sometimes called Reaper.”

“I’m Two-gun Sam, this guy is called Nobody”

“Doc.” Nobody said with a nod.

“And mister social here is Blackie.” Two-gun finished.

All three turned and look at the shaman, who had a very puzzled look on his face.

“You follow the deadman?” Blackie asked hesitantly unsure why he would ask such a thing.

“Si” The doctor replied. “I have the blessing of Ghede.

Satisfied with the answer, Blackie snapped out of his semi-trance.

“Well Doc, if you everything is cool here, we’ll be heading off.” Blackie said the doctor.

“Before you go.” The doctor said to the trio. “Take my card, if you need my services for anything, let me know.”

“You got it Doc, come on Sam, let’s go see what other trouble we can get into.” Blackie said. “You coming Nobody?”

“Naw I have things to take care of first at home. Maybe later.” Nobody said as he headed out.

Blackie and Two-gun walked away from the morgue.

“What about your name?” Two-gun said. “Blackie is something you would call your dog. ‘ Here Blackie, fetch the stick boy’ “

“Well it’s better than saying Black bird flying through the midnight sky don’t you think?” Blackie replied.

Doctor Sanchez watched the two friends head off and shook his head with a slight chuckle. “To be young and carefree.” He said to himself before heading back to care for his patients.

Copyright 2002 - S. Wilson

Special thanks to shadowrunner13

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