Black Out

10:00pm - Wulfgar

Made it to the warehouse finally, minimal incidents. Two cars almost hit me, they only missed me by inches. Was walking down one alley and found a bunch of wounded, unconscious, and one dead, teenagers. Some that were down weren't just unconscious, found the narco jet darts in them meaning someone had played nice when these kids didn't. Looking around I asked wolf to help me hunt these people and he obliged. I found the marks left from two motorcycles sliding on their sides across the ground, I could also tell by the blood splatters and the location of the one corpse where the shooters had been. At this point I took my leave of this trash wanting to search out these fighters. They were two to four in number and not killing this trash before they left but taking time to pile up the living showed they were knights of the old code, not just your average citizen or runner. These people I wanted to buy a drink for, but first I needed to get to base and wait for T.C. knowing him he had a plan to help someone and we would be back on the street before the night was out

Copyright 2002 - craymondhunt aka Rajvik Donna

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