Black Out


As i made my way down the off ramp i saw two gangs mixing it up on the street further down from me. Pulling the SM-3 from one of the saddlebags and assembling it I sited in on the scene. Looking down on the two gangs i saw who they were, TK's and the Bloody Screamers, then thought to myself, "Hell, I'll just let them kill each other and go about my buisness. Alright just one shot." I sited in on one of the TK's and shot, missed his head and caught his upraised hand. Frag, gonna have to get the scope reset. I put the rifle up and pulled out back up the off ramp retracing my path to the still congested I-5. Riding on from there I went on down a few more exits and got off just south of central downtown.

7:00pm-Central Downtown; getting off the ramp here was fraggin near impossible. Cars backed up and dead worse than any rush hour traffic jam, Even the bike lane was jammed with dead scooters. I ended up going down the sidewalk to get to street level.

8:00pm-Finally made it to base, found Gambler already there along with Jackson and Diamond. I could tell Diamond was hurting though, either that or she was downright exhausted for reasons unknown. When I went over to see if she was alright I found myself staring down the barrel of her Predator III, no one else noticed i had come in. Seemed was the opperable word here because Jackson was jacked into his rigger interface and had probably watched my approach, Gambler on the other hand was gently strumming away on his guitar, working on a song that the group was having trouble with. I could also tell he was nervous, this for two reasons, one, his bike wasnt here, and two, he was playing the song correctly, not missing a note.

Copyright 2002 - craymondhunt aka Rajvik Donna

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