Black Out

5:30 pm Wulfgar

Its been ten minutes since the power went out. Things seem to be stedily getting worse, and there is no sign of the power coming back on.


Team leader just radioed. Have to get downtown to the warehouse. Traffic is thick as lead though so it will take me a while. Then again he was coming from the ridges of Renton overlooking the city.


All hell seems to be breaking loose here in the city. Grid is out, power is out. Nothing seems to work in any area. I think the entire city is down.


Radio is set for the emergency band now. This should help me avoid the worst of the accidents and trouble.


held up by traffic, even on foot traveling is hell. Subway and monorail down, some girl at the station I tried said the train derailed with her boyfriend on it upstream from us. Highways are practically a no go for motor traffic due to the dead grid and accidents. Hell its not even safe to ride a bike.

Copyright 2002 - craymondhunt aka Rajvik Donna

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