Black Out

5:20 pm Gambler

Don't know what happened and I don't bloody care the power is out and my copy of "ALIENS" is in the video player. Yes I said video you got a problem with that, now get those damn generators online so I can finish my movie. My popcorn is getting fraggin cold you drek head.


T.C. wants this, T.C. wants that, why in all the pits of hades couldn't we have met at my place or just stayed home. You know this blackout is playing hell with the grid, I guess its what I get for having my radio transceiver on and on me at all times.


Damn traffic! Dead cars and gas burners trying to go around them creating accidents. A pile of Spikes in a wreck involving only themselves, I strafed the survivors with my Salvette as I rode past. Halfway there now. Meet at the warehouse, just what I flagging need.


Downtown. Traffic is to bad here, I parked the bike and slinging the shotgun in its soft-case and reloading the pistol I continued on foot with gel rounds ready. Definitely something going on at the Arcology. Whole area around it for a couple blocks is closed up tighter than normal. Had to detour around to keep going towards the warehouse down south of the arcology.


Made it finally. Actually have power and the instruments are tuned but I don't think he called us up for an impromptu rehearsal or show, definitely not a show. Jackson was already there, though, in all actuality I don't think he ever leaves. It is his warehouse after all. The rigger looked up at me as if I had startled him, and with the way the power went out, he probably only got a flicker before the backup generators kicked in. He probably didn't even notice. As usual he was immersed in one of his drones. After a moment he went back to work and I went to the instruments and picked up my guitar and started strumming an unfinished rhythm as we waited for T.C.

Copyright 2002 - craymondhunt aka Rajvik Donna

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