Black Out

6:00 pm Minotaur

The gangers had followed immediately, chasing me now as well as the lady and child. I was a threat now and thankful for the armored panels I had built into the bike upon design due to the small arms fire from the Night Hunters behind me. As I cleared an area of dead cars I piled on the speed and went around the next curve in the road. Surprisingly there stood the lady, the child behind the lady's long coat, facing back up the roadway. Braking hard I whipped the bike around behind hers and dismounted redrawing the Salvette and putting it on burst while I assenced the woman. A ghoul mage, that both surprised me and yet didn't. That she was a mage explained why she was willing to stand there and let them bear down on her, and the fact that she was a ghoul explained why they were after her maybe. But to look at her as their norm and cyber eyes would see her, they shouldn't be able to tell. As the bikes came around the corner, I took the outside one full in the chest with a burst, as the woman hurled a huge fireball taking the inside five. My next burst took the new lead biker in the chest as the woman collapsed from the drain. About this instant the bike's fuel tanks decided to blow. Now normally the remainders would have kept coming after us or at least put up a fight for their honor, but the one behind my first victim ended up going over the rail of the overpass we were on, and that left two untouched. That was until the fuel tanks blew right behind and beside them.

6:15 pm

The woman and the child were now making their way south on the 405, the drain effects hadn't lasted long. When she saw the perforated corpses from where I had finished off the survivors of the fireball and the wreck of the 3 other bikes, she thanked me and said to ask for her if I was in the Pullyallup barrens after dark. Then she and the child refused my offer of escort and we went on our way. The interchange at the 405 wasn't as bad as I had expected it to be and she made her way onto it with no problem. Now 5 minutes later I was winding my way up 169 towards the 5 to go to the downtown area and was finding the interchanges almost impassable.

Copyright 2002 - craymondhunt aka Rajvik Donna

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