Black Out

5:20 pm Minotaur

I looked down upon the city that was now my new home, I had barely >been here a month now and had already had two jobs. Things were definitely looking up for me, no wetwork requests and no sign of a tail. The last job we had taken ended up being scrubbed and looked to have been a setup from the get go, Morrigan, our fixer was underground and the entire team was laying low for the time. I was in the wilds of Renton looking out at the city and the sunset when it happened, the flicker, then the darkness.

5:30 pm-

Flying down the highway was good for now but being rush hour in the city, I new the streets would be clogging fast, I opened the com channel on my radio searching for contact with my team. I only found two. One I knew where he was cause he lived with me, the other was somewhere else, where I don't know, but they both agreed to meet at the warehouse we are currently using as a base. Turning my attention back to the road I kept driving.

5:45 pm-

Road is starting to become jammed on the way in, I switched to the opposite side only moments before it became almost impassable. Senses are screaming that there's someone coming up fast behind me, maybe more than one, and they don't seem to care about the congestion. From around the last curve I see a bike go flipping end over end as a light swerves over to the outbound side of the road. It's another motorcycle with a woman driving it, my lowlight goggles pick her out clearly just as a blood curdling cry rips out from behind her, Night Hunters. Just as she caught up with me I could see that it wasn't only a woman but also a small child. One of them probably was an elf, either that or they had been with a meta-human in the gang's sight. Fraggin Humanis trash, usually sporting obvious cyber. This kinda of thing usually slots me off when I see it on the news, poli-club drek attacking or having attacked an innocent. I locked the throttle in position and drew my Salvette Guardian. Looking back took all the control I could muster and lining up the smartlink seemed to take forever but a three round burst shredded the head of one of the gangers sending his bike into those behind him.

Dropping the pistol on its tether, I turned the bike just in time to avoid being given a new job. Hood ornament was not in the job description when I started killing people 10 years ago and I wasn't gonna take that opportunity now that it was presented. I torqued the accelerator and took off after the woman with the remainder of the gangers not far behind me

Copyright 2002 - craymondhunt aka Rajvik Donna

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