Black Out

7:30 - Whisper - Turn around- SEATAC

by deckerM

Whisper stood on the silent tarmac watching the faint lights in the sky change direction and head south towards SFO.

'Be sure to arrive 3 hours in advance of your proposed arrival/departure time...' he muttered to himself. He wondered if it wasn't for the best though-- the last time he'd tried to get together with his old comrades all hell had busted loose. From the looks of things– the threat of it had already been bad enough to cause a citywide blackout.

Duck's reaction to the invitation echoed in his mind as he watched the retreating planes. "What, you're bored and you want some excitement?"

"If you only knew..." he sighed as he watched another set of lights turn away from SEATAC. He wondered what sort of trouble was waiting for San Francisco now that Duck and Tracker were on their way.

He looked back to the now empty plane and sighed.

He'd been there when the power went out-- thought it was just a glitch like everyone else. Then there'd been the heart wrenching sound of metal scraping metal and asphalt as one of the planes that had been attempting to land missed the mark and skidded to a halt just off the runway.

It had managed to land, managed to stop in time-- but barely. The emergency vehicles had been and gone, getting the people off the plane, making sure the aviation fuel didn't add to the problem– Whisper had gone to assist and was held back by security until he produced proper identification.

Being ex-military did have its advantages– sometimes. More times than not it meant being drafted back into service when all he wanted to do was watch the trid– or research a few new spells. From the looks of things– he was going to be ‘volunteered' again... and soon.

Now everything was silent. Looking up he imagined the latest set of red and green lights trailing away from SEATAC belonged to the plane he'd been waiting for.

"Figures," he muttered.

He gave the darkened airport one last look and trudged back towards the parking lot. It was going to be a long ride home.

Copyright 2002 - M.T. Decker

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