Black Out

Blackie and Two-gun meet Nobody

by mrbagg


Bopper was having some fun with the new entertainment they’d acquired. The "entertainment" was a ganger. Although he didn't wear any of the colors associated with gangs, the way he composed himself betrayed him as one. The weapons he carried were also gang type weapons. The stick, knife, and gun were of modest variety. The stick was a modified broom handle with lead in it, the knife a switchblade, and the gun was a Colt L36. This was not top-tier gang equipment but he did have some minor cyber implants.

"This guy is probably lower second or third tier", Bopper thought "I'll bet he got seperated from his boys during this blackout. Maybe we can ransom him back for a little cred if the fragger will talk."

"Ask him again, Crank." Bopper said to one of the gangers.

Crank shrugged and looked at the prisoner trussed up against a streetlight. "All right bendejo, answer the questions or be in a lot of pain. What is your name?"

"Nobody." the prisoner said

"Who do you run with?"


"What is your business on our turf?"

"None of your business."

"Can I put the pliers to him now Boss?" Crank asked.

"Not yet", Bopper replied. "First take his shirt off. He may have some tattoos that will tell us who he is."

Crank looked disappointed but didn't question Bopper's motives. He nodded his intentions to a couple of more gangers who proceeded to cut away his hooded sweatshirt. After the shirt was cut away, Bopper moved in to inspect his prisioner's person. Bopper noticed a wide range of scars over his captive's torso. "This guy has definitely seen his share of action. Whoa what's this?" He said. Bopper turned the guy's arm a bit more to make out a branding on his forearm.

"Whatcha got Boss?" Crank asked

"This guy is a part of the Troll Killers. See that brand of 1% on his forearm?" he asked Crank who nodded. "It means our friend.....Who is that?” Bopper said as he turned toward the noise coming up the street.

" should be called six-gun, because you carry six of them." one of the voices said.

" I only use two at one time." the other one answered

"Another opportunity." Thought Bopper.

With the rest of his gang covering him, Bopper decided to go with the direct approach. "You're on Cobra turf. Pay the toll or end up like this guy." Bopper ordered with a jerk of his thumb.

"Knee caps?" asked Blackie while casually touching one of the necklaces he wore.

"Sounds good to me." Twogun replied.

Bopper had never seen anyone move that fast before. The stranger's longcoat moved for a second and the next thing he knew the two guys flanking him were on the ground screaming in pain. Some of his fellow gangers were firing their small caliber weapons at the two but the bullets were bouncing off an invisible wall. "Frag I hate magic." he thought. Out loud he said "Grab Crank and Bailey and meet up at the clubhouse!"

Blackie looked at the scurrying gangers and asked, "Want to go after them?"

"Nah," Twogun answered "This is their turf. They'll have lookouts and ambushes set up along the way. Let's check out this guy and get out of here before they show back up."

The pair made their way to the poor bastard that was tied up and cut him free of the ropes. He would have fell to the ground if Blackie hadn't caught him. Together they laid him on the ground and used what was left of his shirt as a pillow. Blackie bent over him and was readying a healing spell when he jumped up. "Frag him! Let's go! Leave the bastard to the gangers!"

"Why don't you want to help him?" Twogun asked.

"That brand on his arm is a symbol of the Troll Killers. It is only given to the members who are willing to do anything that is needed done. It isn't given lightly. You have to be very hardcore to get it."

"Didn't......ask ...for" A weak voice said. The pair turned around to see the ganger standing on wobbly legs. " And... I quit... them."

"Whoa fella," Twogun said as he grabbed the stranger." I don't think he's lying."

"I'll make sure." Blackie offered. He bowed his head and mumbled some words and looked up again. "Ask him again. If he's lying we leave him and if he's not we help him, deal?

"Deal." Twogun agreed. He turned and asked, "On your word are you a part of the Troll Killers?"

"No, I am not." The stranger said with great feeling on every word.

Twogun looked to Blackie and asked "Well?"

"He ain't lying. Lay him back down and I'll see what I can do." Blackie said

Blackie kneeled over the prone figure and called up the healing magic. His face took on what was called a "shamanic mask". Twogun had seen this before. When shamans used magic the shadowy likeness of their totem fell upon them. In Blackie's case it was Raven. While Blackie was doing his thing, Twogun started doing his. He found a synthleather jacket with weapons wrapped in them. "Probably were gonna divide up the items later on," he thought. He started to look around to make sure the ganger weren't about. Even in this darkness he could tell there were eyes on them. They probably didn't have much time before the Cobras came back. Blackie stood up a bit wobbly himself. He offered to help his friend but was waved off.

"Fragging cyber." was all Blackie said as he rested up against a trash bin. Blackie always had trouble working magic on people with cyber. Something about it "tasting" bad. He walked over to the ex-ganger and offered him his belonging.

"Here, feeling better?" Twogun asked.

"Much and thanks. My name is Nobody." Nobody said as he started to put his jacket on and putting his gear in their proper places after he checked them out.

"I noticed you have a smartlink but your colt doesn't," Twogun said

'The cyber is one of the reasons I quit the TK's, " Nobody answered.

"What was the other?" Blackie asked as he made his way to where the other two stood.

"I met a troll and he forgave me." Nobody stated.

"Just like that?" Blackie asked.

"Pretty much." Nobody answered.

"I would like to here more about that," Blackie offered

"Later. I think the natives are starting to get restless." Twogun put in.

"Very well, where should we go now?" Blackie asked his two companions.

"I heard that the TK's were gonna knock over a morgue that’s been set up as a clinic. I was on my way to help stop that before I was ambushed." Nobody said.

"Want to go?" Twogun asked Blackie.

"Sure, sounds like fun." Blackie said with a wicked looking smile.

Copyright 2002 - S. Wilson

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