Black Out

8:15 - Jess Miller - on the streets of Seattle

by deckerM

With the arrival of the heavy teams and the unloading of the final car underway, the motormedics had been filtered back to standby status. They used the time to clean up slightly– knowing that outside their services would be needed.

As they climbed the stairs and headed back to their bikes the first of the calls filtered through.

"Motor unit service required..."

Jess looked at her radio and then her teammates. "I got it," she assured them.

"You sure?"

Jess smiled. "Y'all were the ones lifting and toting... I was just crawling around in there."

They laughed, but truth be told, Jess was more than ready for some fresh air and they all knew it. Enclosed spaces tended to bring back too many memories.

"Dispatch, this is M1-7 in service."

"Copy M1-7, Accident with injuries reported..."

Jess noted the information and then keyed her mic. "Dispatch, ETA two minutes– will contact first responder."

She stowed her gear and was rolling before she had time to think about it. Once she was on her way, she activated the radio.

"Lt. Duvall. This is unit M1-7. Do you copy?"

She smiled when the responder answered.

"I copy, M1-7," he replied. "Tell me you're on your way."

She couldn't help but notice the anxiousness in the man's voice.

"Roger that," she answered. She was less than a minute out. She watched the road as she listened to the breakdown of the injuries.

Two cases. A head case with ‘ware and a pregnant woman... in labor. She had to shake her head. It never failed. In the middle of the worst man-made disaster, someone's little darling was bound and determined to make their grand entrance.

She was pleasantly surprised at how professional and calm the Lt. was over the radio and commented on it.

"Not bad, Lieutenant, You've done this before."

"Not by choice," he answered. "But I know what to do in an emergency."

That much was already clear. He'd kept his head, and as her headlights fell on the wrecked car she had to smile. He'd kept the injured stationary.

She quickly moved into place to check on her patients. As she removed her helmet, she was surprised as the Lieutenant turned and greeted her.

"We have to stop meeting like this, Jess."

She smiled and shook her head as she associated the new name with the old face. "Well you know how it is... I turn up in the oddest places."

She quickly assessed her patient's status. The woman had lucked out in the accident– no tenderness except for those associated with being in labor. The man was another case entirely.

She quickly radioed in the patients' stats. "Male, Caucasian mid to late 30's, pulse 120, respiration 30... pupils dilated and non-reactive... light triggers pain response. Datajack seems to be shorting out. Victim was driving. Second patient, minor to no impact damage, but be advised, patient is pregnant and working on changing that."

"Copy M1-7, transit eta at this time is thirty minutes..."

"I copy– but the baby may not."

"Copy M1-7 will keep that in mind."

"Please contact implant specialist. Male victim may not have half an hour with shorting out."

"M1-7 are you familiar with implant technologies?"

Jess pulled out her disk carrier and slotted the one for datajack implants. "I have the references with me. Standard procedure requires a neutral plug to deactivate the jack."

"M1-7, do you have the equipment available?"

Jess looked around and sighed. "No but I've got a leatherman and a roll of duct tape..."

She grinned at "Lieutenant Duvall" then activated her mic. "Negative dispatch– I do have technical diagrams... will advise before attempting use."

"Copy M1-7, do you need another medic dispatched?"

Jess looked at her companions. "Y'all mind hanging around for a little while?"

Copyright 2002 - M. T. Decker

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