Black Out

7:15PM - Dr. Richard Sanchez - 7th Street Morgue

by shadowrunner13

The first “batch” of broken bodies from the subway crash had made its way into Richard’s clinic.

“Alright, David, we need to put these guys in lockers quickly so we can tend to the living.” Reaper said, motioning to the pile of body bags recently dropped off by the parameds.

“When can we take a break?” David said. He looked as tired as he sounded.

“I asked dispatch to send us some additional doctors, but I’m not sure when they’ll get here. With the comms grid down, it’ll be tricky. MacGregor doesn’t live far from here, hopefully he’ll arrive soon.”

“I’ll move bodies after I give Mr. Reynolds his insulin injection.”

David ran back to get the insulin from the medical storage and Richard walked over to the lockers were the bodies were to be stored, and started filling in the minimum required paperwork.

Glass shattered and blasted inward from the front of the morgue. A brick skittered across the floor into the middle of the clinic.

A voice called in from outside. “You didn’t listen to me, halfer! Now, you’ll find out what happens when you cross the Troll Killers!”

The ganger was back. Damn.

The front door was kicked open and glass could be heard breaking. Reaper turned to see the front of the clinic burning.

“David! Get your ass up here!”

Richard dropped the clipboard and ran toward the desk. He was rooting around inside the desk drawer when his patrolling Loa returned.

“Santero, there are several hostiles on the western side of this structure.”

Richard bit his tongue to avoid offending the spirit.

“Stay close, Ghede. I may need your assistance.”

“Yes, summoner.”

David turned the corner, saw the fire burning and froze.

“Shut your jaw and grab the fire extinguisher before the fire hits the generator, would ya?” Richard yelled.

David shook off his surprise and ran for the extinguisher. Richard finally found what he was looking for…his silenced Morrissey Alta pistol.

“Fraggers endanger my patients? Bastards have to learn.”

Richard checked the clip. The gel rounds were topped up.

The hollow whoosh of the fire extinguisher was heard has David began spraying the pool of gasoline at the front of the building.

“Ghede, I require your gifts.”

It was a strange experience, being possessed. Feeling another personality overtaking your own, being not quite aware of what was occurring, until your own persona was put on hold.

Ghede/Richard smiled. It didn’t fear death in the slightest. People were scared that they were going to die in this building, but Ghede/Richard didn’t understand this fear. But, his master had summoned him to protect the building and those within, and he would uphold his side of the agreement.

A human outside was lighting another fire bottle and was ready to throw it, so Ghede reached out and caused the young man to drop the item.

Humans react amusingly to fire, especially when exposed to their skin. The human ran around screaming incoherently (and Ghede is fluent in many tongues), while begging to be extinguished, when he could easily do it himself.

Strange indeed.

Another human ran toward Ghede/Richard now that the fire in the building was mostly extinguished. He was holding some form of blade. Ghede/Richard reached out and struck the charging human and he sailed back out the window. Ghede always thought it amusing, how easy it was to enhance the human body. His vessel wasn’t overly powerful but when combined with his own power, it made the human rather powerful.

The friendly human within the structure seemed awed by Ghede’s abilities. It was to be expected by a human with no higher awareness.

The obtuse instrument in his vessel’s hand came in handy for completing his task. He pulled the trigger several times and several people down. His task complete, Ghede took his leave.

“Unngh…” Richard uttered as he became aware of his surroundings once more. He fell to the ground and landed flat on his back. Warm wetness trickled down from his nose and all the sirens in the entire plex began screaming in his head.

“Uhhh…I hate drain…” Richard uttered, with his eyes closed. The light hurt his head too much to open them. “David…there’s a vial of clear fluid in my desk. Grab it, fill a syringe with it, and give me a shot.”

“What is it?” he heard David ask.

“Industrial strength pain killer.”

“Are you allowed to take that?”

“Just get me the damn medication…My head’s killin’ me…”

Reaper lay there and listened. His ears were ringing from the pain in his head but it was probably his most reliable sense. He heard David sifting through his desk. He heard several patients muttering about the recent happenings, and wondering whether they’d have to head elsewhere for treatment. Most disturbingly, however, were the voices outside. Several gangers were still conscious and plotting something. Reaper was worth little to his patients in his current state, either for protection or treatment.

He felt the syringe pass through his skin and the drugs enter his bloodstream, but it would be a while before he noticed their effects. Ghede left, thinking his job was complete, but it had been temporary.

This was not good.

Copyright 2002 - Jason Mallory

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