Black Out

by mrbagg

6:48 pm

Two boys, who looked like they weren’t out of their teens, sat atop of an old movie theater, which had seen better days, and looked out at the darkened city around them.

“What do you think? Wanna go and have some fun or stay safe up here and just watch?” said the one with his feet hanging over the edge.

“Dunno yet. It looks bad.” Said his friend who was standing and looking through a pair of binoculars.

“It’s just a blackout. They’ll have the lights on in an hour or two.” The first one said.

“You said that a couple of hours ago, Blackie.” Said the one still standing as he lowered his binoculars.

“Well Sammy boy, I’m heading out. I can already feel Raven pecking the back of my skull, urging me to get in the thick of it.” Blackie said. “And besides I may need a seeing- eye-dog.”

“Funny. Let’s go. People may need help.” Sam said as he checked his assortment of firearms. “Gangs and other bad dudes are gonna be looking for trouble.”

“Hurt people and help people at the same time.” Blackie said as he sprang up. “God, I love chaos.” With that he made his way toward the fire escape.

Sam put the binoculars back in their case and looked out once again at the city. “This is going to be bad, real bad.” Sam thought to himself. He had learned long ago to trust his instincts, they were rarely wrong.

“Let’s go Yosemite Sam. Time is wasting.” Blackie yelled out from about a third of the down the fire escape.

Sam walked in a hurried fashion to catch up with his friend. “And that’s Two-Gun Sam, you slotpuppy not Yosemite Sam!” Sam yelled down to Blackie.

“Yosemite Sam carries two guns!” Blackie shouted back

At street side the two companions into the dark foreboding city they call home.

Copyright 2002 - S. Wilson

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