Fate of the union

We are in danger brothers. The enemy is closing in, luring the faithful away from the true path. Seven brothers survived the enemy's wrath, and we wish them well. It is a dangerous time brothers and it is time to close the ranks.

No one is safe. We must be ever vigilant. Our hearts go out to our brothers in Baltimore and the Badlands. The Archer's Fist shall rise again, and when it does, the enemy will wish they'd completed the job. Those who have fought us shall perish. And if you don't believe me, look no further than Quebec.

They're killing our sons, dishonoring our daughters and leading them away from the true path. We must put an end to this!

The day of reckoning is at hand, and those traitors shall pay. The unworthy shall be cleansed and our children will walk the paths of the righteous.


brothers so that costs will be kept to a minimum. The more we know, the better off we all will be.

If you can provide specialized training, please contact your group leader. Your skills are needed. Please take the time to prepare an educational chip. Unity!


Fourth Quarter reports are in and we are falling below estimated revenue amounts. Without money, our operations will falter, it is imperative that we have the fiscal independence that is required for our operations.

Donations by Dark Sphere and VS have helped, but again, we must remain solvent and financially independent. If you have not turned in the required amounts, won't you take a minute to do so now?

Project Red Hand

Our friends at TriC and the Trickster have been busy. This month has been a very productive one, allowing us to step forward with the project. Trial runs are promising, and the systems should be ready for wide scale testing within three months.

Flagstaff Systems

Flagstaff operations have stabilized and will be back on-line within the month. The sneak attack on our systems in Flagstaff were deplorable. We must strive to maintain our lifeline and information. Liberty!

Operation Ursa non-gratis

Phases One and Two of the operation were completed as planned, and the outlook for Phases Three and Four are optimal. Once complete, we will be able to proceed with Operations Fallen Angels and White Glove.


Education chips are still available and more are being made at this time. If you are done with a chip, please pass it on to your

Long Range Forecast

The enemy has tried to choke us out, suppress our rights. This will continue as long as we are afraid to stand up for our rights.

Dark times are ahead and in the following months, we will all be required to fight for our ways. No one is safe. We must stand fast. Any who falter, must be kept from taking the rest of us down. Only the strong shall survive, and together we are strong.

Do not look outside for help. There are those who claim to serve the same cause. Do not trust them. If they are not of the way, they shall perish like the rest. These are the dark times, but soon, the wait will be over.

A Final Word from Salizar

We are humanis. We must survive. We must not go quietly as the liberal sources would have us go, like lambs to the slaughter. Too many of our brothers have died in this just and righteous cause.

Liberty! Unity! Humanis!

Yours in Brotherhood,

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