A Look at Jess

Jess - Jessica Anne Miller

Physical Description

5'6" 150 lbs. Her general build is slightly muscular with a slight roundness to it. She is medium framed. Her hair is golden brown, kept at about shoulder length. She usualy wears it in a pony tail. She's rather plain looking until you get to know her. Her eyes are very expressive. She uses them to her advantage since it seems that she can't hide anything she's feeling from showing in those eyes, yet she can. They are also a golden brown, with a dark ring around the outside that darkens when she's angry.

Dress Style.

Jess tends to dress on the causal side. Prefering jeans to slacks, she almost always wears her leather jacked. On her belt you will almost always find a multi tool (leatherman) and a flashlight) She is right handed, but wears an analog watch on her right hand with the watch resting on the inside of her wrist.

Her leather jacket is the most extravagant thing she wears, and even that has a well worn comforatable look to it. Carfully stitched/dyed into it is a stylized caducous.

Where she is today

Jess moved to Seattle in the hopes of learning what happened to her brothers. She works as a Paramedic and works "three days on, three days off" (even though its more like 3.5) When she's on, she stays at the station, so for housing she shares an apartment with Ray, another Paramedic. It is a one bedroom apartment, but they are never there at the same time, so things work out reasonably well. (except when Ray's girlfriend shows up early)

When they're time overlaps, she merely stays over at her brothers' place, a three bedroom / Condo which has been paid for at least to according to the landlord who seems more than happy that Jess is there, at least some of the time. She goes there at least three times a week to feed the cats and take care of the place, but she doesn't like to stay too long, because she gets maudlin.

The cats are Taco and Maxwell. (named after two cats I knew in real-life) they are littermates and about as completely different as you can get. Maxwell has been described as wearing a "striped tuxedo with white hightops." While Taco looks every bit the part of Morris the cat. Taco is the highstrung of the two and Max is Mr. Cool.

Her standard schedule when she's 'off' is:

Day 1: Missing Person's check (feed the cats)
Day 2: John Doe checks at the hospitals and morgues. (visit the cats)
Day 3: Something Pysical... climbing, running... (visit and feed the cats)

How she got there

It all started in the Baltimore (Balmer) suburbs. Jessica's family was the roll model for disfunctionality. Her parents argued and fought almost all the time. She and her 'sibs' would occasionally run away when it got to be too intollerable. When they finally divorced, they divided up the kids and started their own (slightly more functional) families.

Jess was nine when the split came and they divide the childern with every other one going to one parent. Jess ended up with her dad and three of her brothers: Matthew, Alan and Andrew. The four of them stuck together and saw eachother through, but because of the split there was a rift between her and the other sibs. The way she sees it, they don't care about Mat, Al and Andy. They aren't *their* sibs.

Their dad was a teacher and never really had time to cook. They grew up scrounging and raiding the refrigerator for what they could easily consume. To this day, Jess has problems when it comes to eating 'Real Food.' (She doesn't realy understand the difference taste wise and if she eats too much, she pays for it later. Rice and grains are okay, but anything else she has problems)

After she graduated high school (a year early), Jess went on to College, where her father was a teacher She stayed in for a year and a half before she realized it wasn't for her. Jess dropped out and became a paramedic. She was making a pretty good living at it, when Andy went west to join their brothers.

They never would tell her what they were doing in the Seattle area, but they kept in touch and the 'Sunday phone check' became a normal part of everybody's routine. Then, almost a year ago, her calls would be returned later and later and usually by only one of the guys. Jess was worried, but then the calls stopped coming. Calls to the police revealed that Matt's car had been found, and that it was all but demolished. Weeks went by and when nothing turned up, Jess found she couldn't just sit around so she lined up a job and headed west.

When she got to their apartment, it had been trashed. The windows had been broken and the cats were missing. She started cleaning up and Taco and Maxwell came back. She stayed at the apartment for the first few months as she tried to get a handle on what was going on. She found nothing at the apartment, but when she found herself getting maudlin, she 'moved in' with Ray... (They'd already dated and found it wouldn't work out)


Jess normally has a long fuse that takes forever to go off, but when it does it can be over something so minor that *nobody* can understand why she blew up. Once she's 'exploded,' she's fine, but then she has to deal with the aftermath of her explosion.

Her temper shortens when she's tired or hungry, or as in the current situation, she's been running too long with no results. (ie her search for her brothers)

Jess is not a particularly vindictive or mercenary person, but idiots, especially of the buerocratic sort bring it out in her.


Most of her worldly possessions consist of things she needs for work and a guitar.
She hates to see people hurting and will do what she can to help.
She hates being missunderstood and works very hard to see that she is understood.
When she is lost or hurting, she usually reaches for the guitar.
She knows 2 key phrases in a multitude of languages and is always looking to add more...The phrases are:
  1. "Get your hands off of me you... or you will remove a stump.
  2. "Dont' shoot, I'm a paramedic."

The Job -

Jess is a paramendic, on call for half of the week, but she tends to carry a pager with her most of the time. She can take off from work only as long as she arranges for another paramedic to take her place. She takes it very seriously.

Dating -

Through out most of her life, Jess has dated men who were a lot like her brothers. The relations never seem to work out, but they always end on a good note, since they would make better friends than anything else.

The one time she dated outside her normal fair was a disaster. He went psycho and threatened to kill her. The boys stepped in and he's only shown up two other times. But that was Baltimore and Jess figures its over.

(which may or may not be true)

The net result of her dating experience is the fact that she's a learning junkie and has ended up learning an odd variety of things from people she's dated. All but the one have ended well, to the point that they remain her friends and contacts.

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