If you have come here, then you are perhaps looking for something? Perhaps we can help you. Anything you need friend, anything at all.. The price you ask? Well, that in itself is its own story is it not?

I have watched as time progresses and I have seen many things. Fools travel the path of the wise, and think that makes them wise. They follow the path of power, but power too has its price.

It all depends on what you're willing to pay. Perhaps friend, we can come up with something mutually beneficial...

Let me introduce you to some of my clientele.

The Archer's Fist

They feel their cause is just. They kill without hesitation those who disagree, whether by choice or circumstance of birth. Are they truly wrong. are they truly Evil?

The Eternal Flame

They feel their cause is just. They kill without hesitation as well. They feed on the same hatred as the Archer's fist, but they claim to be against them. If you fight like the enemy, are you not, the enemy?

Viking Systems

Corporate Raiders, credit is their calling. They destroy companies, lives, whole countries with the flick of a pen. Electronic images, that' s all any of us really are. The uncaring can be as cruel as any other.

Guardian Light

Yes, I even consider my opposition my client, for without me, they are less than nothing.

If you'd like more information... we'll be in touch. Don't worry, and Don't wait up...

Its a very dark world out there... we're doing our part, are you?

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